Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting for Baby

There is a possibility that I have been too prepared, too soon for this baby. I mopped a week ago, cleaned the corners, washed the windows, put a meal or two in the freezer. And the baby did not come. So every day this week I sweep the floor again, wipe the spots off the floor, do another load of laundry, make another loaf of bread and eat all the easy meals that I had stockpiled, when all I actually want to do is have this baby and start our family babymoon.

So, I am saying hello here again. Mostly to distract myself, but also because there are a few things I have found lately that are too good to keep to myself.

First, yogurt cheese, otherwise known as labneh. This amazing website explains how to make it, although I confess that I am a bit less professional. I simply put the yogurt and salt into a cheesecloth-lined colander, set it over a large bowl, and leave it overnight in the fridge. I love it on toast in particular. Is it terrible to admit that I sometimes put a layer of butter on my toast, AND a layer of yogurt cheese, AND a drizzle of honey or swipe of strawberry jam? Another toast variation is found here, and this one is good enough for dinner. It is powerfully delicious.

Secondly, this crunchy broccoli salad is delightful. It was a perfect fall salad. I only wish that I had doubled the amount of the crispy fried shallots, for I loved the salty flair they added.

Finally, I have completely swallowed the hype about elderberries and immunity. Rowan is very prone to catch every cold that crosses our path, due to his respiratory issues. However, we have escaped two of the last bugs that invaded the church nursery, and I am willing to credit the elderberry. Or maybe I just really like elderberries. Regardless, I paid a fortune for a small bottle at Whole Foods, which was gone in the blink of an eye. Then I found this video and ordered a pound of dried elderberries from Mountain Rose Herbs. The savings are tremendous. The main cost is the honey, for it is essentially elderberry flavored honey. Good stuff. Completely harmless, can be eaten by the spoonful or drizzled into yogurt or ice cream, and prevents the dreaded cold...what could be better! Plus, it is fun and easy to make on a cold and gloomy day. Have I convinced anyone yet?

That's it for now. Hopefully baby will come and you will not hear from me for a very long time again:)

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  1. Oh good I wanted links to all this stuff! And here's hoping for baby to come soon :)